Who is this Guy with Cameron Diaz?

So have I just been living under a rock that I have no idea who this guy is that’s mauling Cameron Diaz and who she is, by the way, happily mauling back. According to FoxNews, they have been doing this for months and the man is Paul Sculfor, another ex of Jennifer Aniston. Okay, what?!? First of all, I have no idea who this person is and second of all, last I heard, Cameron was trying to get behind closed doors with P. Diddy. And not only are they dating but there’s also rumors that they are planning to get married. Well okay those rumors run rampant about any Hollywood couple but it’s clear that these two are pretty serious about each other. From FoxNews,

Cameron Diaz publicly canoodled with Jennifer Aniston’s ex-boyfriend at the U.S. Open in New York on Tuesday.

Diaz and British model Paul Sculfor stayed side by side during the tennis matches, with Diaz sitting in Sculfor’s lap.

The two are said to have bee dating since June. Diaz split with Justin Timberlake early in 2007, after a four-year romance.”

I doubt the marriage rumors are true since I think Cameron is still nursing some serious Justin wounds but she definitely looks happy and it’s nice to see! This couple did seem to come out of nowhere and I don’t know about it. I was kind of hoping that the thing with her and P. Diddy would catch on. Those two would be a riot to watch!

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