Tony and Jessica are Shackin Up!

Yes it’s true. Apparently, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are planning on moving things right along with their relationship as it’s been almost a year now and so it’s time to move in together before marriage. I guess Jessica wants to work out the ‘kinks’ that come with living someone before they decide to get married. Well, Jessica should know all about the kinks of a marriage. Well, she may have forgotten already but hopefully it will all come back to her. And I guess Tony’s over-the-moon about it as the house is going to be totally ‘redecorated’ by Jessica and there’s even at least one room being reserved for a nursery. I just don’t buy that baby bit – not yet anyway. And I think any guy in their right mind would run for the hills when their girlfriend started talking about renovations to make way for the new baby. This is what The Pop Crunch Show has to say about the big move,

“Jess and Tony have been together since last Thanksgiving and they’re ready to take their relationshipto the next level…Both of them agreed it was practical to move in together before a wedding so they can work out the kinks.”

The lovebirds new abode comes in the form of a $670,000 six-bedroom, six bathroom home in Valley Ranch section of Irving, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

A National Enquirer insider says, “Jessica still has her home in Beverly Hills, but she plans to oversee the redecorating of Tony’s house, and then settle into the role of homemaker when her concert tour ends in October.”

“What she’s planning to do with the place is awesome” a Life & Style tattle chimes in. “It’s a little outdated, so the renovations are probably going to end up costing more than the house itself. And Tony totally trusts her.”

“She’s already talking about repainting walls.”

Tony and Jess are also making room for a few little Romos.

“….Tony’s agreed to let her turn one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery,” the Enquirer spy add. “Jess plans spending the rest of her life with Tony. They’re laying the foundation for a life together as husband and wife…and parents.”

I just love how they insinuate that Jessica is doing major work on this house and totally revamping it and then they shift the focus to ‘well, she’s repainting walls.’ I guess any of us that have done that have ‘redecorated.’ I swear these sources are just trying to make her look stupid. And I love, love, love the fact that she will become Tony’s housewife. But not until after her tour. I just can’t picture it, what is it exactly that she would do? She’s already let the whole world see on that awful reality TVshow that she can’t cook, she can’t clean, and she can’t take care of a house. Well, maybe that’s one of the kinks they plan on ironing out.

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