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Everyone has been more than skeptical ever since TomKat hooked up and once they were married with a family, forget about it! The two were so wrapped up in each other that nothing else mattered and while at first the passion seemed kind of sweet, it quickly became something warped and twisted. Katie was all of a sudden nowhere to be seen, except for the occasional shot with Suri and Tom was so busy fighting the bad press all the time that things just seemed to continue to get weirder by the day.

So it really should come as no shock to anyone that now Katie’s friends have begun to be a bit fed up with all of it as well. This comes at a time when Katie is constantly rehearsing in New York for the opening of the show All My Sons. Now that she is out and about so often, the paparazzi are getting their fill that they have been missing all these many months. Add to that these stories of burned friends and the story gets that much more interesting. From the Gossip Girls,

“One ex-friend told press, “Katie and I were best friends until she met Tom. Then, overnight, we went from talking every day to nothing. She was so single-minded about her life with him that no one else mattered.”

Another source agreed, stating, “Katie never had a big group of girlfriends, but after Tom, she stopped calling them. It was amazing she could cut everyone off so fast — business associates, her hair and makeup team, as well as friends.”

So is this just a case of bitter friends who areenvious of their good friend’s success? Or is Tom really more twisted than we had all actually thought? (which was already a lot!) Has Katie become a complete recluse? Or is the final stage of her Scientology brainwashing finally complete? Yes, yes, yes, and yes. She has completely isolated herself for the past two years and until this passion came over her to perform this play, we really hadn’t seen all that much of her. This gig seems to be going well for her and I hope that she stays on it. She has embraced the role, both in her new look and at rehearsals, according to other performers in the play and she just seems like a different Katie. Almost the one that I loved on Dawson’s Creek all those years ago.

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