Tell us Something we Don’t Know

Everyone has been more than skeptical ever since TomKat hooked up and once they were married with a family, forget about it! The two were so wrapped up in each other that nothing else mattered and while at first the passion seemed kind of sweet, it quickly became something warped and twisted. Katie was all […]

Britney Loves her Daddy

So there’s no doubt that ever since Jamie Spears was appointed co-conservator of his daughter, Britney Spears’, estate that he has come under some heavy fire from critics. It’s come out that he’s billing Britney for things such as spending time with her two sons, yes, his grandchildren and for running out to the grocery […]

David Spade’s Hesitant about being a Dad

There’s no doubt that for the last year or so, it seems that all that has been happening in the world of Hollywood is that people are getting pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or having babies. All of these couples have been overjoyed as a pair and they are spotted out and about, beaming after […]