One Teen Mom to Another

I never really thought about what celebrities must think when they read about other celebrities in the news, but the recent news of Bristol Palin becoming pregnant must have struck a very obvious chord with Jamie Lynn Spears. It seems that Lynne Spears has made a call to Petit Tresor and ordered that baby girl burp cloths be sent to Bristol and that they be sent in Jamie Lynn’s name. One does have to wonder if the story is true because the news of the pregnancy is so recent that it’s doubtful that Jamie Lynn would know the sex. From Celebitchy,

Britney Spears’ little sis is reaching out to Bristol Palin, the 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin, John McCain’s vice presidential pick.

A source close to the Beverly Hills baby store Petit Tresor tells exclusively that a gift from Plain Mary was sent to Bristol Palin on behalf of Jamie Lynn Spears.

An insider says it was actually Lynne Spears, Jamie Lynn’s mom, who called about the gift, and requested the gift come from her daughter.

“It was ordered by phone, and they asked what could be done for under $100. They spent $60 on pink burpcloths,” said the source.”

We’re dealing with an unknown person here so who knows if this story is actually true and I also have my own doubts about why Jamie Lynn or her mother for that matter, would call with a specific limit instead of just picking something out themselves if they wanted to stay on budget. Celebitchy, where I first heard of the source also stated that this same store has been known for spreading falsies about Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes.

However, a part of me desperately wants to believe this story is true. I just love the whole human element of it and that Jamie Lynn would actually be feeling what Bristol Palin is going through. I think sometimes we look at celebrities so much and analyze their lives that we forget they’re actually people that we’re talking about. It’s nice to see one of them reach out to another.

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