A Peek at Mummy Jamie Lynn

So we haven’t actually heard all that much about new mom Jamie Lynn Spears since she had little baby girl Maddie Briann and her sister, Britney reportedly had a breakdown in the hospital. I never believed those Britney rumors either but it’s nice to see Jamie Lynn and her mom, Lynne Spears out and about shopping with the little bundle in tow. The older mother and daughter seemed to be getting along just fine with the little darling all covered and protected from the view of the paparazzi.

However, those that have been thirsting for Jamie Lynn news before this had already been busy spreading rumors about how the actress is battling food and health issues. Apparently, it’s not enough that she has a new baby and is probably as exhausted as hell but now people have to start picking about what she’s eating. From the Gossip Girls,

“According to tabloid rumors, Jamie Lynn has been heading down the road to bad health with her constant fast food binges. And according to one source, if she doesn’t get healthy soon, she could be in bigtrouble.

“Jamie Lynn says she has been so busy with the baby she has not been looking after herself and instead of eating healthily has been gorging on burgers and fries – too often than is good for her. Everyone thinks she has been comfort eating because of the stress of being a new mum and on top of that she is having to deal with all the rumors that Casey Aldridge has been cheating on her. She needs to start looking after herself better. Not just for herself but she has baby Maddie to think of now too.”

I don’t believe any of the rumors when it comes to Jamie Lynn. What new parent doesn’t grab for what’s fast and easy instead of making homemade, low-fat meals? Please. And from the looks of it, she’s doing awesome with her weight! If she had been carefully watching what she ate and limiting herself, people would rag on her for having an eating disorder and rumors would fly around about how she’s suffering from low self-esteem. It just gets out of control. My take on it is that Jamie Lynn, Casey Aldridge, and their new baby live a somewhat boring life when it comes to the three of them and the papers need to make stuff up. I don’t think her health is in danger and I don’t think Casey is cheating on her. I think she’s a new parent, who is very young, and who is trying to keep a low profile while she’s making this huge adjustment. I think anyone should be able to understand that.

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