Is this a Joke?

Or a bad publicity stunt maybe? Can Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson really, truly be dating? Well it seems as though they are and that they actually have quite a bit in common. Oh, I almost choked on that last part. The two are dating in secret although I’m not personally close with either of them so how secret can it really be? They have met recently and seem to be, according to reports, absolutely thrilled with each other. From the Pop Crunch Show,

“The King of Pop, who celebrated his 50th birthday last week, recently enjoyed a string of private dates with Pamela, 41, in Malibu.

“It was all arranged by their people in total secrecy, very cloak and dagger,” a tattle tells The Mirror. “They arrived separately at the Shutters Hotel on Malibu Beach so no-one would suspect anything, and then had a few drinks in the bar.”

“They were very chatty. Pamela was being her usual flirty self and Michael seemed to be responding. They are such a strange couple but they seemed to really hit it off.”

“They chatted about Michael turning 50, his new album, their kids. And he seemed genuinely interested in Pamela,” the source added.”

If this is true, and I have a sneaky suspicion that it is, this relationship is going to make for quite a freak show. Do you think they sit around at night bonding over their plastic surgery stories? Or maybe Michael has finally found someone caring and patient enough to glue his nose back on every morning, after it’s fallen off during the night. Pam is probably just delighted that she’s found someone stranger than her. Whatever their reasons for being in it, I really don’t think this is all for the love of publicity. They both seem to have a way of finding their way to a camera without help from anybody else.

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