Is this a Joke?

Or a bad publicity stunt maybe? Can Pamela Anderson and Michael Jackson really, truly be dating? Well it seems as though they are and that they actually have quite a bit in common. Oh, I almost choked on that last part. The two are dating in secret although I’m not personally close with either of […]

Palin’s Personal Drama becomes Political

John McCain may not have been all that far off-base when he likened presidential candidates to celebrities and especiallyat a time that is so close to the election, these forerunners are more in the public eye than ever. Days after announcing that Sarah Palin is to be McCain’s running mate in the upcoming election, it […]

Activists want to Save Katie wedding decorations brampton

So I guess it’s not only fans and bloggers alike that are concerned about the wedding decor vaughan and the welfare of event decoration and of Katie Holmes. It’s no secret that she has been looking and acting more like a Broadway actress while she continually rehearses for All My Sons opening soon in New […]

Jerry’s Strange Thoughts on Fatherhood

I’ve been saying it ever since Rebecca Romijn announced that she was pregnant – this pregnancy is just downright weird! It started with her saying one day that she and Jerry O’Connell were trying and then the next day announcing the pregnancy and it just got weirder from there. Now I don’t care how good […]