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Jen Bump Watch

Jen Garner is getting bigger and bigger as her due date surely looms closer and closer and she was seen spotted out and about this past weekend grabbing some of that wholesome goodness that she’s become known for. It’s nice to see her laid-back in a cute, baggy prego tshirt and jeans with casual white […]

It’s Clear Who Wears the Pants Here

I absolutely love Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi as a couple and I am so happy for these newlyweds!! But I can’t help but poke a little bit of fun at the fact that it’s so CLEARLY Ellen that wears the pants in this relationship – as literally as well as figuratively! She wore […]

It’s Not a Party ’til Janet Gets Puked On

Janet Jackson was recently in the news saying that it would be awhile before she and boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri had kids and that it was she that was holding things up. Well it seems that Jermaine may need to wait even longer before hearing the pitter-patter of little feet as he recently had a bit […]

Meg and Dennis’ Very Public Battle

Dennis Quaid is furious over comments his ex-wife, Meg Ryan made in a recent interview with In Style. Meg talked about how Dennis had cheated on her for a very long time and there was a lot she didn’t know until her marriage was over. Dennis thinks that it’s time to put the dirty laundry […]

Ryan and Scarlett Got Married!!!

Yes ladies, I’m so sorry to say that Ryan Reynolds, the hottie who has played in Van Wilder, among many other funny and fabulous movies, has officially been taken off the market. He and his new bride, Scarlett Johansson tied the knot in Ryan’s native land of Canada this past weekend. From Bump Shack, “Actors […]

Ronnie Wood May Pay through the Nose

Guitarist Ronnie Wood, for the massive band Rolling Stones may be paying through the nose after thinking with his pants. Apparently Ronnie just couldn’t stay away from his mistress friend, 20 year old Ekaterina Ivanova and when Jo Wood, his wife found out that he was seeing the woman continually, she decided that it was […]

10 Million Dollar Baby may be Denied

Apparently, the insurance policy that Heath Ledger used to cover his life insurance stated that his daughter, Matilda, was to receive ten million dollars upon turning of proper age and until that time, it was to be given to someone else to be held in trust. Well it doesn’t really matter how much it is […]

When Tattoos Just Aren’t Enough

It’s no secret that Victoria and David Beckham form one of those couples that seem to know the secret to the ultimate kind of love that knows no wrong and that is just too darn cute to be real! First they proclaimed their love for each other and for their family by inking themselves in […]

Surgery Needed for Clay’s Newborn Son

Clay Aiken has certainly been in the news a lot lately, firstwith the birth of his newborn son, Parker, and then his big revelation that he was in fact gay. He has now made one more announcement, and that was on the health of his new baby boy. The poor little guy had digestion issues […]

Michelle Williams Shows Love for Heath

It’s clear that whatever happened between Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, they once had a very good thing and Michelle clearly still has a very soft spot in her heart reserved just for Heath. She was seen in several degrees of mourning after his death in January and while it’s undoubtedly still a tough time […]

Matthew and Sarah Jessica Spotted Again

While the news of Matthew Broderick’s affair has died down some, he and wife, Sarah Jessica Parker still attempt to show that they are a very happily married couple as they stroll through the New York City streets. Parker may be trying to pump up her latest projects, as it was the same day that […]

Sharon Stone Lost in Court…Not her Son

It was reported last week that after an ongoing custody battle, which it sounds to be started by Sharon Stone originally, she has lost ‘all physical custody’ of her son. Now, while this sounds bad, and I’m not a huge fan of Stone to begin with, it’s not really as awful as everyone is making […]

Tom Makes More Weird Moves

Well Katie may have been able to kick the whole Cruise clan to the curb of her house but she definitely can’t stop them from getting heavily involved in her husband, Tom’s, career. Tom Cruise has once again turned to his sister, fellow Scientologist, to help manage his career. This isn’t the first time that […]

K Fed and Britney Try to Work it Out

So I am not at all sure what to think about this story. Rumors started last week that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were trying to patch things up and get back together now that Britney seems to be on the road to recovery and Kevin has played such an active role in her and […]

Sarah McLachlan Splits from Husband

It’s truly sad to say that Sarah McLachlan has split from her husband, Ashwin Sood, who was not only her husband of 11 years but also the drummer in her band. There’s no doubt that her fans are most going to benefit from this, as Sarah is sure to pour out her heart through song […]

Please!!! Say it Isn’t So!!!

So who knows where things stand with this whole Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer breakup? When it first came out that the two had split, people automatically assumed that Jen was once again heartbroken and devastated. Until it came out that she was the one called it off and was trying to move on with her life. […]

Who Says Money Won’t Buy Freedom?

Hulk Hogan was a man of many words when his son, Nick Bollea was charged with reckless driving for an incident that left his friend, who was in the car at the time, brain damaged. Of course this is horrifying and tragic news and devastating to both families however, these things do sometimes happen and […]

The Brangelina’s Aren’t the Only Do-Gooders

It’s so nice to see this family out for a stroll. We so often see Nicole Richie out for her daily coffee run with little Harlow, covered, but no doubt beautiful in her little stroller. But it’s rare that we see Harlow’s dad and Nicole’s fiance, Joel Madden out with them. It’s hard to believe […]

Now That’s Just Wrong!!

As a curious blogger, I am all for the whole ‘you lost your privacy rights when you starred in that tv show’ mentality however, I think that there are some lines that just can’t be crossed…Celebrities getting dressed and undressed without their knowledge is not cool, taking pictures at funerals is a no-no, and messing […]

Lindsay Lohan is Gay!!

It has been well over a year now since the rumor mill has been going crazy snapping pictures of Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson and posing the ‘is she or isn’t she?’ question about Lilo. The pair never officially came out of the closet and they described their relationship as a very good friendship. As […]