Michael Phelps is a Popular Boy

Just a few days ago itwas reported that fourteen-time Olympic medal winner, Michael Phelps, was planning a “quiet, first date” with country singer Carrie Underwood. Well it seems that Michael impressed more than just the judges this past year as Carrie is not the only one that’s interested. It seems that Lindsay, who has been seeing girlfriend Samantha Ronson for some time, would also like the chance to date Michael. From Contact Music,

LINDSAY LOHAN has reportedly been pleading with Olympic swimmer MICHAEL PHELPS for a date.
The actress – who is rumoured to be dating DJ Samantha Ronson – is said to have bombarded the U.S. gold medal winner with calls and text messages asking him to take her out.
And his coolresponse hasn’t put her off – because the more he ignores her, the harder she tries.
A source tells Britain’s Daily Mirror, “At first he thought it was a joke when she got in touch. But she’s since been phoning and texting constantly.
“It’s become a running joke in his camp. Lindsay has been trying to meet up with him. They’re both going to the MTV Video Music Awards next month so they’ll be sure to see each other properly then.
Phelps is certainly flattered by all the attention but it’s not clear how seriously he’s taking it all.”

So, I’m not all that happy about this. I really love the thought of Carrie and Michael together and while I do really like Lindsay, I think that she should just stay with Sam and retreat from the swimmer’s life. I also wonder how Samantha is taking all of this? Her relationship with Lindsay has come under great fire both with the media and her family and they seemed to have stayed strong so far and come out the better for it. It would be hard for me to believe that a cute athlete could break that up with just one text.

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#1 Anonymous on 08.31.08 at 8:19 pm

Since Phelps is due on Oprah’s show soon, I’m sure the woman will warn him about the hazards of getting near a Lohan. Lindsay’s only (and last) appearance on Oprah’s show proved just how trashy she is; Oprah, apparently, couldn’t stand the smell of booze on the little tramp, and after she showed up very late to the set, I’m quite sure that the little Lohan did not rack up any good points. The girl was told she’d never be invited back. Tell THAT to Mrs. Phelps.

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