Maddox has Blue Hair

Okay so yes, it appears that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to dye little Maddox’s hair blue. While I’m sure it’s just for the day and I don’t think that anyone needs to be outraged about this, it’s a slow news day and I took the opportunity to show everyone just how ridiculous Brad looks! I don’t know what’s with that thing on his head and those pants should stay in his closet until he’s at least 70! And the undone shirt with the wife-beater showing? Not a good look, Brad. Is it just me or has his fashion sense really gone downhill since he’s been with Angelina?

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#1 maddox he's so cute on 02.23.09 at 2:14 pm

maddox and pax are so so so cute i wuld love 2 meet them from francescsa

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