Duchovny Speaks about Addiction

It must be catch-up weekend because everyone seems to be giving updates on the stories of the past week, which we always love and fully appreciate! David Duchovny was of course, checked into an addiction facility voluntarily just a few days ago and there was really nothing else said about it except for his plea to respect their family and their privacy. So I suppose he’s thought it’s been enough time because he has released a statement that addresses the issue to People, “But the actor, who has now entered a rehabilitation center for sex addiction, was always quick to add that his marriage to actress Téa Leoni was a pretty good reason to keep his libido in check.

“Twelve years ago, I would have been hard-pressed to understand why I’d want to be involved sexually with one person this long,” the X Files and Californication actor told Best Life magazine earlier this year.

“Before Téa, the longest my intense sexual interest would last would be maybe two years,” he said. “But the real rewards of a relationship come after you’ve been together a while. That’s where Téa and I are lucky.”

Duchovny, 48, and Leoni, 42, were married in 1997 and have two children, Madelaine, 9, and Kyd, 6.”

I think it’s great that even after you’ve been married for awhile and have had children, some Hollywood couples still manage to truly love each other and support each other. I also like it when stars realize that they are in the public eye and so they should issue some sort of statement regarding what they’re going through. Really I think the more they run from it, the more the media presses so letting us in on little details is really just helping themselves out I think and you have to give Duchovny credit for going public with this one. This is a little bit of an embarrasing issue and for other people that struggle with it, and probablydon’t want to talk about it, it may be helpful to know that this little-talked about issue is one that affects many.

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