Carrie and Michael Getting Along Swimmingly

Ever since her breakup with Tony Romo, people have been talking about who Carrie Underwood’s potential replacements may or may not be and we have all been ear-marking the stars that we would most love to see her with. Well it seems that Ms. Underwood was paying very special attention this year to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics as the glint from Michael Phelps’ fourteen various Olympic medals caught her eye. She commented that he was cute, someone overheard and the remark made its way to the ears of Phelps who was overjoyed. It turns out the two are already planning their first date and it sounds as if Michael is as cute as Carrie is. They remind me of two teens in high school as the Pop Crunch Show reports,

“An excited Michael is hoping there won’t be too much eating involved on this outing. The 23-year-old athlete told Carrie, “I’m not so sure you’d want to see me eat! It might not make a great first impression.”

“Carrie needs someone who is going to stick by her,” a skeptical pal of Carrie’s revealed to the National Enquirer. “She was devastated when her relationship with Tony Romo broke. The last thing she needs is a relationship with another high-profile celebrity who’s going to end up loving and leaving her.”

I never trust the National Enquirer for any reason but I don’t think anyone should be skeptical about this hookup. I think it’s awesome and frankly, whoever she dates is going to be taken to high-profile celebrity status simply because they’re with her. I might be more excited about this date than Michael is! I really hope it goes well and that these two have a long and beautiful relationship while we stick our noses into it!

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