Michael Lohan Won’t Shut Up!

Just as everyone predicted, Michael Lohan has come back to themedia after his daughter Lindsay accused him of being out of control and a media hog. This is especially interesting to me because from the reports that I read, it was Samantha Ronson that talked the most trash about Mr. Lohan and while Lindsay posted […]

Carrie and Michael Getting Along Swimmingly

Ever since her breakup with Tony Romo, people have been talking about who Carrie Underwood’s potential replacements may or may not be and we have all been ear-marking the stars that we would most love to see her with. Well it seems that Ms. Underwood was paying very special attention this year to the 2008 […]

David Duchovny is a Sex Addict

I don’t know if this is funny or sad but David Duchovny has recently checked himself into a sex rehabilitation center. This is what the Chicago Tribune reported about it, “Tea Leoni’s husband, actor David Duchovny, has entered rehab for his sex addiction. Duchovny, 48, said he did it voluntarily, in a statement released Thursday […]