Finally Some JT and Jessica Rumors!

Okay so just when I started to accuse them of being boring, it seems that Jessica Biel may be pregnant with Justin’s kid! This actually probably isn’t true as they have been spotted out quite a bit lately and she usually looks as thin as ever but according to Celebitchy, TMZ just got some video of her and her man walking through a parking lot and apparently, she looked pregnant. I can’t tell from this photo whether it looks like she has a pooch or not but I’m guessing this video just happened to catch a shot at a bad (or good!) angle.

But there is more to this story than just a faux pregnancy to spice up this couple’s love life. It seems that Lynn Harless, Justin’s mom, doesn’t really care for Jessica alll that much and she believes that Justin is too young to get married, which other reports say is something he’s considering seriously. The Pop Crunch Show says this about it,

“It’s created a huge dilemma for Justin,”an Enquirer spy reveals. “He loves Jessica and has every intention of marrying her, but he also adores his mom and doesn’t want t cause any waves with her.”

While Lynn thinks 27 year-old Justin is “too young” to tie the knot, Jessica’s main grip with Lynn is her inability to leave the young couple alone. Jessica feels Lynn is too heavily involved in Justin’s private life:

“Lynne is often at Justin’s home, where she insists on doing his laundry and overseeing what Jessica is cooking. She even made an appearance while Justin and Jessica were having a romantic dinner.”

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Justin was a mama’s boy – he just seems the type. But really, there comes a time when the apron strings must be cut and one must live one’s own life. I think Justin may have wanted to marry Cameron Diaz too, what with their four-year relationship and all, but maybe it was really Justin’s mom that stood in the way that time too. I can just imagine how fast things will hit the fan if Jessica really is pregnant. Lynn thought she was angry about a potential wedding!! Wait until she hears that there’s going to be an actual baby!! These two could become an interesting couple after all.

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