What’s Going on with Sienna Miller?

Okay so Sienna Miller has been in the papers a lot lately due to the fact that she’s the reason behind Balthazar Getty’s divorce and that the two of them have been photographed a lot lately frolicking around half-naked with each other. She’s also had her name splashed everywhere because she’s sick of being deemed a slut and a homewrecker. Yeah, everyone laughed when that story came out considering that it’s a lot like the child caught with their hand in the cookie jar saying that they weren’t doing anything. Well whatever credibility she may have had even after that ridiculous sob story has been completely ruined now as she has recently been photographed allowing a considerably older gentleman to maul her. Gossip Girls provided this along with the photo,

“Although she’s currently facing a backlash over her romance with married father-of-four Balthazar Getty, Sienna Miller was getting nothing but love in London on Tuesday night (August 26).

The 26-year-old “Factory Girl” actress was spotted visiting with friends, as she got a big smooch from an elderly gentleman upon saying her goodbyes.”

So it appears that she’s as stupid as she is slutty. Even if this is just a friendly kiss, which I’m honestly quite sure it is, why would you be caught in smooches with anyone when you are trying to shake off the image of being a slut? Sienna should be lying low and staying out of the papers – and trying to keep other people’s faces off of her own!

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