More of Lilo’s Messed Up Family

Well, while Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan has seemed to be trying to make peace with her daughter by making gestures such as welcoming Lindsay’s girlfriend, Samantha Ronson into the family publicly, Lindsay’s father is taking another tactic when publicly speaking about his daughter’s relationship. The Evil Beet quotes him as saying,

“I’m not happy,” he says. “Ever since [Lindsay] got out of rehab and all these people came back into her life, things haven’t been right … People like Samantha Ronson don’t need to be around Lindsay. She shouldn’t be dragging Lindsay around nightclubs. Who was Samantha Ronson before Lindsay Lohan? She was nobody. She is using her for her own gain. All these people have inserted themselves into her lifelike parasites, and it’s not right. I’m done with them.”

Okay, there are a few things wrong with his statement. The first is that two of the people who have used Lindsay’s fame to their own advantage more than anyone are her parents and mostly it has been her father. The second point I’d like to make is that Samantha Ronson has been amazing for Lindsay and not only has Lindsay stayed out of the papers except for a few pics of her filming a movie and this whole “is she or isn’t she gay?” thing, her life has been fairly boring, in comparison of what it was not so long ago. The third very wrong thing about Michael Lohan opening his mouth and showing everyone once again how stupid he is, is the fact that he made this statement just after announcing his engagement. What’s wrong with a divorced man getting engaged? Nothing – except thathis fiance, Erin Muller, is 24 years old. That’s a short two years older than his daughter. You know – the one who’s making all the bad choices.

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