Jennifer Hewitt’s Missed Love

Everything has seemed all fine and dandy in the world of Jennifer Love Hewitt as she has shot her ProActive commercials and planned her wedding to fiance Ross McCall. However, it seems that the wedding date has been pushed back a bit due to some problems that the betrothed couple are having. They haven’t even been engaged for a year and apparently, the different schedules of the two is what is ultimately driving them apart. The Gossip Girls says,

“A friend of Hewitt’s told E! News: “Things aren’t great between them. It’s hard because he’s filming in New Mexico and she’s in Los Angeles. The relationship is strained and their wedding won’t happen anytime soon. She ruled out a summer wedding saying didn’t want to be “a sweaty bride, and revealed she was looking forward to a “small, private, romantic and wonderful” ceremony.”

So they may not actually be breaking up foreverand ever but it’s not a good sign when the engagement can’t last because of time apart. And this photograph is said to have been taken last weekend and they’re together so I think these two will split and they’ll officially comment that it was the time apart but there’s a deeper story here, I think.

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