Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson Parents-to-Be!

So when I first heard the news that Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, Tito Ortiz were expecting a baby, I have to admita hundred bad jokes came to mind. You know, the biggest porn star ever and an Ultimate Fighter, there’s just too much there. But these two might truly be the perfect example of […]

Jen’s Baby Bump

So just because it’s been an hour or two since we checked in on Jennifer Garner and her baby bump,I thought I’d post this pic of Jen heading out to catch a bite to eat with Victor Garber. Garber played the role of her father on the hit show Alias and was also the official […]

Brad and Angelina Taking More Money

So I guess that because Brad and Angelina live in France now and because they have a bizillion dollars, they are eligible for child benefits from the country of France. And it’s no small amount either. On account of them having so many children, they are likely to receive somewhere around $2600/month. Well that’s good. […]

Jennifer Hewitt’s Missed Love

Everything has seemed all fine and dandy in the world of Jennifer Love Hewitt as she has shot her ProActive commercials and planned her wedding to fiance Ross McCall. However, it seems that the wedding date has been pushed back a bit due to some problems that the betrothed couple are having. They haven’t even […]