First Pics of Sunday Rose

At six weeks old, Nicole Kidman could not hide her daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, from the paparazzi any longer. About to load onto a plane, Nicole walks holding Sunday lovingly to her chest. From Frame Pictures,

Nicole Kidman carries baby, Sunday Rose, in her arms and looks down at her lovingly as she boards a Gulfstream 5 plane bound for London, UK, and a new film. Sunday Rose has a nanny that carries her formula bottles ready for a feed as they take off. Husband, Keith Urban left Sydney for California yesterday. Before the couples departure from Australia, Kidman and Urban went out to a cafe to have some alone time leaving Sunday with the nanny.”

So you can’t really see her in the pictures that were taken but it’s as good as it’s going to get for now. Nicole has already made it quite clear that she will not be pimping out baby photos to anyone and we must scrounge for any glimpsethat she may be give us a chance to see. I’d say that Nicole looks amazing as well but doesn’t she always?

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