Britney and Justin: Reunited!

It’s true, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will hook up once again to sing a duet on Britney’s album that is due out later this year. I think this is absolutely fabulous! Is it just me or has there seemed to be something wrong with the world ever since Britney was no longer a virgin and Justin was just Justin and no one had ever heard of JT. The Celebrity Cafe has this to say about the upcoming reunion,

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will be united again but this time for musical purposes. After the singer “simply didn’t show up” to a recording session with her former beau and producer Timbaland for her last album according to a source for the New York Post, the three are giving it a second try. The name of the song is not known yet but Timberlake and Spears are supposed to sing it together for her new album due by the end of the year.”

Again I say, I think this is absolutely awesome! I always thought that Justin was the only one who would be able to get through to Britney when she was on the crazy-train and I may just have been right. The two denied speaking to each other during that period but that wasn’t that long ago so I’m thinkin that they were talking long before this project came up. I would love it if these two could find space in their love lives for each other again. I think he’s the only one who would be good for Britney right now and personally, I’d love to see Justin and Jessica Biel split because they’re so purely boring!

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