Will Ellen and Portia have Kids?

Well this past Saturday saw Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi celebrating equal rights by exchanging vows and getting married. It seems that with those rights, they have also gained rights that every other couple who decides to get married inherit – the question about children. Apparently, there are people who need to know when this couple (who haven’t even been married a week) will have children! Portia, who has overnight become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars due to the ceremony, is trying to slow down the questions with grace while Ellen stays true to herself and brushes the question off with laughter. From Contact Music,

“The couple, who wed at their Beverly Hills, California home on Saturday (16Aug08), want to enjoy their own time before thinking about children.
But they admit it’s a possibility in the future. De Rossi says: “We go back and forth. I don’t know if it’s in our immediate future. It’s something we talk about every few months. We’ll knowwhen the time is right if we’re going to do it.”
And DeGeneres jokes that their decision rests solely on looks: “If they would be as pretty as Brad and Angelina’s kids, we might.”

I do think it’s a little early to start talking children and it does really bother me when people feel that they need to scoop up ten children from around the world all at once. I’m not mentioning any names, Ellen’s already done that for me. But I hope these two get the time they want and need to enjoy being together and I think these two could become one of the world’s funnest couples to watch!

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Roseanne Barr must be a very unhappy, lonely person

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