Jen Speaks about Expecting

Well the rumors have absolutely been confirmed long before this but I’m indulging myself in writing about the stars I love today and so, I’m happy to say that Jen Garner has recently spoke out for the first time about all those rumors and baby bump photos we’ve been talking about! Yesterday, Jen showed once again that she’s Super Mom by attending the 10th Anniversary celebration of the Baby Einstein company. The Gossip Girls had a piece of the interview,

“When asked about any possible projects in the works, Garner pointed to her tummy and said, “This.”

“We’re so excited, obviously,” she told Access Hollywood, continuing to joke about her swollen belly, saying: “Oh, I’m not pregnant. I just had a lot of carbs for breakfast. It’s just — what do they call it — a breakfast pouch?”

When asked about a due date, Jen drew the line – unwilling to offer anything more about her and Ben’s latest addition to the family.”

So I guess that’s all we’re getting for now but she’s most likely due sometime in November. I believe from what’s been leaked that she’s about six months pregnant…give or take a few weeks for reps and such to throw us just a little bit off. So that should be about right. I wonder if they will release whether they’re having a boy or a girl. They most likely won’t, but it would be interesting to know. And I personally would like to see Violet with a little baby brother.

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#1 tom on 10.19.08 at 3:01 am

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