More “Britney’s New Man” News

Earlier this month, Britney spurned rumors that she was dating a member of her security team, who was actually a photographer. And a dance partner. Yes it sounds confusing and it was but the two were rumored to be the newest hot item when they were spotted dancing under the sun in Cabo. The rumors were quickly squashed and just when people stopped talking, here we are again. Britney in Cabo with a new man. This time it may be someone who’s a little more on her level -financially speaking, anyway. The new man is a fellow billionaire. From Digital Spy,

“Britney Spears has reportedly started dating billionaire hotelier GeorgeMaloof.

According to the Daily Mail, the pair enjoyed a relaxing holiday in Cabo San Luca, Mexico, last week.

Maloof is apparently encouraging Spears to relaunch her music career.

“I’m sure George’s billions will come in very useful now that Britney’s father is in control of her assets,” commented an insider.”

Is this where Britney’s going to take all of her men now before making it official? Or just to make people buzz? I’m betting that this villa in Cabo is a place that Britney goes to hang out and relax and not live the Hollywood life for a moment or two. I’m also guessing that she often takes a few of her friends out there with her and that’s all this is. Give it two days and this rumor will be squashed, too.

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