John Mayer has had Enough!

In an interview shortly before it was announced that he had broken up with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer had said that he was tired of being followed, “like an animal.” Well then he and Jen split, the world exploded, and people began to follow the singer even more. It turns out that after being caught by some reporters after working out and during the time when his testosterone was at an all-time high, he again became fed up with people’s obsession over his life. He spoke out, quite openly, about the recent split and how he just like everyone else, only wants to be left alone and people to mind their business. As told by Celebitchy,

“It’s the most normal thing in the world, there’s no lying, there’s no cheating, there’s no nothing. If you guys are going to run stuff and run every lie under the sun…”

Have somebody stand up for somebody. Have me as a man who ended a relationship… stand up for somebody write that Jennifer Aniston is the smartest most sophisticated woman I’ve ever met. People are different, people have different chemistry, they have different lives. It’s not about years, it’s about going out with somebody,
being truthful on the way in, being truthful in the middle and being truthful on the way out. You’re either a cheater, or you break up, and I’m not the first, I’m the second one.”

it’s the most normal thing I can possibly tell you. There’s no other element to it. I’m sorry that the story is not interesting, but it’s about time that somebody stand up for that girl.”

Okay so until I read this story, I hadn’t realized that people were ganging up on Jen. And I don’t understand how he thinks he’s making it better by bringing all of this drama on himself by lashing out against reporters. And I always wonder why celebrities think that people should leave them alone. I’m sorry but there are some prices you pay for fame and that’s one of them. There are lines that cannot be crossed as celebrities are people but asking him about his breakup? Not being able to handle that well is just another sign that John Mayer is a child.

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#1 Cece on 08.18.08 at 3:41 pm

John should stop alerting the media-Jen says he calls them. I believe John is a media ho, but when he broke up with Jen then he wanted to hid. John can’t have it both ways.

#2 Shannon on 08.20.08 at 4:06 pm

Poor Jen…she’s just can’t keep a man. I’m sure that’s why she’s loved by so many bitter woman.

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