Donnie Wahlberg to split from Wife

Just as they’re beginning to make their big comeback, the New Kids on the Block suffer their first blow of media spotlight. Not surprisingly, the one in the news is Donnie Wahlberg, who was once considered the ‘badboy’ of the group. Wahlberg will soon be divorcing his wife and from the sounds of it, be […]

More “Britney’s New Man” News

Earlier this month, Britney spurned rumors that she was dating a member of her security team, who was actually a photographer. And a dance partner. Yes it sounds confusing and it was but the two were rumored to be the newest hot item when they were spotted dancing under the sun in Cabo. The rumors […]

John Mayer has had Enough!

In an interview shortly before it was announced that he had broken up with Jennifer Aniston, John Mayer had said that he was tired of being followed, “like an animal.” Well then he and Jen split, the world exploded, and people began to follow the singer even more. It turns out that after being caught […]