Was Jen the One who Broke it Off?

Did everyone (including myself) just assume that John Mayer was the one to break it off with Jen or did we all rely too heavily on that very reliable unnamed friend of Mayer’s who gave all kinds of reasons on why the two suddenly called it quits? Well, Jen has friends too and her friend is saying that it was actually the actress who called it off due to the fact that John has commitment issues. From the Daily Blabber,

“It was “Jen who decided to move on,” says the friend, who is reportedly very close to the actress. “She is very fond of John and has thought he might be the one. She finds him funny, sexy and very talented. … Plus he understands all the aspects of living in a fishbowl. But in the final analysis, she just got tired of his roving eye.”

It seems Jen gave John the “three strikes and you’re out” ultimatum — after finding out about his “quickie” flings with a cocktail waitress and a promoter’s assistant for his concert tour. The he reportedly hooked up with a groupie — and that was the final straw.

Another insider said that Jen is just not interested in wasting time with someone who doesn’t want to be serious. “Above everything else, Jennifer is looking for stability and loyalty in a relationship.”

This actually wouldn’t surprise me at all considering the heartbreak that Jen suffered when her marriage to Brad Pitt ended because he’s a cheating scuzbag. And she is older than John and really, who needs to deal with an immature brat who doesn’t know what he wants when you are ready to move forward in life? On the other hand, the first reports that John broke it off because Jen wanted huge commitments like marriage and babies doesn’t surprise me either seeing as how he is 30 and seems to enjoy sowing his wild oats…still. I don’t know who broke up with who and because their reps aren’t talking (and probably wouldn’t comment or be very biased anyway,) we’ll probably never know. Like I said in my last post though, I am quite happy that these two are no longer together. They looked odd together and I personally think that Jen can do much better.

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