The Best Decision Madonna Has Ever Made

So what would you do if you’re eight year marriage was in desperate trouble and one of you has moved out of the country? Well, if you’re Madonna and Guy Ritchie, you adopt! Of course, that only makes sense. The couple plans to adopt a small girl from Malawi and apparantly, the adoption is set to happen very soon. From Sify Movies,

“Pop superstar Madonna is all set to adopt another Malawian child. This time it is three-year-old Mercy James.

Madonna had abandoned the idea of adoption after her marriage to British director Guy Ritchie seemed to be in trouble. But officials confirmed that she has resumed her adoption process, which friends say proves their marriage is back on track, reports

Penstone Kilembe, Malawian adoption minister, said: “Madonna‘s representatives have been visiting the girl. The adoption is now advanced – all the government is waiting for is Madonna to forward the petition of adoption formalities. Then Mercy will be able to leave the country for a new life.”

I still think that she and Ritchie will be getting a divorce…despite what her friends say. And that makes this a very, very bad decision. Why can’t stars think about their actions before they just go full speed ahead? Even if they are planning on staying married, this is a marriage that has seen a lot of hardship in the past several months and it will take time to heal whatever wounds there may be and no matter what country this little girl is from, this is not a healthy environment. I think it actually makes it worse that this girl is from overseas. She’s going to be taken from a bad situation and put into one that is so incredibly unhealthy. I think it would be better if Madonna was planning on adopting her after the divorce just because it wouldn’t screw her up nearly as badly. Kids who don’t live their entire lives in poverty are screwed up when their parents divorce and for someone who has already been through so much in her young life, it’s just not fair.

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