Lynne Spears’ Disgusting Book

Whoever said you can’t live off of someone else’s happiness didn’t know Lynne Spears. The cover of her book Through the Storm has recently been released on the Internet and although the book is supposed to be about the life of raising two teen girls, Britney and Jamie Lynn, as well as her husband, Jamie Spears and their son, Brian Spears, only Lynne appears on the cover. I think that this is a true testament as to what the book is really about. It’s about Lynne. And how she is willing to do whatever it takes to exploit her family’s fame as well as their downfalls in order to make the almighty buck. Here is what US says the book is about,

“In this openhearted memoir, Lynne speaks about Britney, Jamie Lynn, Bryan, ex-husband Jamie, herself, and their lives together from Louisiana to Los Angeles, including:

• Lynne’s backseat role in Britney’s path to fame and how it forever changed their family

• Her regret in abdicating parental authority to managers, agents, and record companies

• The challenges that shaped Lynne and Jamie’s marriage and how that affected Bryan, Britney, and Jamie Lynn

• Her response to Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy

• The startling events that led to Britney’s meltdown and Lynne’s showdown with manager Sam Lufti

• How faith, family, and friendships have been her harbor in the storm of paparazzi, tabloid scribblers, and gossip hounds

• Sincere, self-effacing, sometimes spunky, Lynne’s memoir reveals the heart of a mother who has struggled through difficult times and how she has held onto her faith and her sense of humor as she tries to hold onto her family.”

It’s nice that they try to paint a picture of how it revolves largely around her faith but I never think it’s right to use religion as a shield of words when actions speak largely to the contrary. Let’s remember that this is a mother who couldn’t even be there when her pregnant teenage daughter needed her because she chose to stay with her daughter who has a mental condition, even though that daughter was in the perfectly good hands of her father. It’s this same woman who pushed Britney to join dance and singing lessons as well as beauty pageants at the young age of three! It’s this woman that was no where to be seen or heard of as Britney shaved her head, bared it all in public, and came into conflict with the paparazzi. She can call the book whatever she wants but I think we all know what it really is – a cash grab.

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#1 angry- on 09.06.08 at 10:33 am

I agree. Lynne spears is a pathetic human being

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