Is Matt McConaughey another Hollywood Weirdo?

We all know that Matt McConaughey has been the most super excited dad that Hollywood has seen in a long time. He has openly spoken about what happened in the delivery room and about how he and Camila Alves were a team in the delivery room and he was rocking and cheering (which he compared to a chant) during the long and hard labor. But there’s excitement and then there’s just plain eeeewwwww. It seems as though McConaughey doesn’t want to let those delivery room memories go as he is planning on having his new son, Levi’s, placenta buried in his orchard. Gross. From,

“New dad Matthew McConaughey is planning to follow a ritual common in some cultures of planting the placenta of a new born. The idea is that the tree is a constant reminder of the child’s life on this planet — growing year by year right along with the newborn. McConaughey, whose girlfriend Camila Alves gave birth to their son Levi in July, saved the placenta after becoming inspired to do so after a trip to Australia.

“When I was in Australia, they had a placenta tree that was on the river … and all the placentas of all that tribe, all that clan, whatever aboriginal tribe that was, all the placentas went under that one tree and it was this huge behemoth of just health and strength,” the actor said in an interview.”

I don’t understand this and I know many people will thinkthat it’s a beautiful ritual but I really do just think it’s gross. And who wants to look at that while they’re planting it? Have you ever seen a placenta? It’s absolutely disgusting! If Matt wants to stay true to his hippie/surfer dude personality, why doesn’t he simply plant a tree in the orchard that can be Levi’s special tree and grow along with him? This is a beautiful way to acknowledge something very special without having to partake in extremely gross and weird activities. I just don’t understand how using something that was inside the mother as fertilizer is beautiful.

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#1 Polly on 01.01.09 at 8:13 pm

I heard that Clay Aiken buried his son’s turkey baster in his back yard.

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