Aniston Gets Her Heart Broken Once Again

Okay, well I don’t know that she’s wrecked about it but it seems that Jennifer Aniston just can’t seem to get on the same wavelength as any of her men. She and John Mayer were absolutely the hottest couple of the summer, ever since they went public with their romance in April. The split is rumored to be due to the fact that Jen wants babies and John, who is nine years younger than Jen, doesn’t. However, it’s also being said that this may not be the final word on this hot couple. From Mercury News,

“Rumors of a split were sparked when Mayer traveled to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, without Aniston. He was photographed at one point in a hot tub with a “mystery woman,” who turned out to be the wife of one of his bandmates. Aniston had reportedly planned to go to Mexico with Mayer, but changed her plans at the last minute.

“It is really a cooling-off, not this big, dramatic breakup,” a pal told UsWeekly. “These are mature people whotalk about things maturely,” the pal says. “It’s just slowed down.”

A friend of Mayer told People magazine that a reconciliation isn’t necessarily out of the question: “He never ends things with a clean slate. He likes to dwell on these relationships and sort everything out before saying goodbye for good.”

I really hope that if he does go crawling back to Jen, that she makes the smart decision and doesn’t take him back. I never liked them together as a couple anyway. There always seemed to be something just a little bit off about them. And let’s face it, John Mayer is just one of those boys that’s never going to grow up. Hopefully, Jen knows that she doesn’t have to settle for someone who’s not in the same place as her and if he does come back, I can only hope that she’ll kick him to the curb.

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#1 jberg on 08.13.08 at 6:56 pm

I think that Jen is looking for someone that can fill Brads shoes in a way that stretches the hell out of them. I think that a man can date a much younger woman,,,but sometimes its harder to be the older women in the relationship. I think that if they did break up that may be the press to blame and that they were just to hot from the start and that always cools to dull…

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