Hayden Panettiere’s Parents Love Each Other

So is this a case of dramarama or a battered woman now shrinking away from the authorities help that she so desperately needed? We all know that on Sunday, Hayden’s mom, Lesley, called the cops on her husband for punching her in the face. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it then came out that dear Lesley had been outwardly flirting and causing a scene at the Whaleman Benefit dinner earlier in the evening. I guess she wouldn’t stop and so, she got the standard beating when she got home. Say what?!?!

It then came out that Lesley may have actually begun the fist fight according to someone being called a “spy.” Again I say – Say What?!?! The spy actually says that Hayden’s dad was “trying to put her in her place.” I’m sorry, since when is it okay to hit anyone just because they hit you first? Especially a woman and especially when that woman is your wife!! Who in the world thinks this is okay? Well, apparantly Lesley does. She has now come out saying that the entire thing was blown out of proportion and that the two really do love each other. From the Daily Blabber,

Hayden Panettiere‘s parents, who are mucking up her good dolphin-saving name, are trying to clear the air about Alan Panettiere‘s recent arrest.

“It was all a big misunderstanding,” he and his wife Lesley told Extra‘s Mario Lopez. “[We] love each other very much and want everyone to know that the matter was completely blown out of proportion.”

I don’t know if this is stupid or sad. I’m not even trying to be cynical here, I really don’t. Is it really just a case of two people who are idiots and don’t know how to handle their emotions or is it the typical battered woman syndrome when the woman always ends up going back to her man. Even if the unnamed “spy” was telling the truth (which regular readers know I always, always doubt), this could still be a very sad situationfor this woman and whatever happened, it’s definitely a sad situation for the family.

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