The Sienna Scandal

All over the world, people are buzzing about the recent divorce of Balthazar Getty and his wife, Rosetta. What people care even more about however, is the fact that Balthazar is hooking up with Sienna Miller and that has led to one big ol’ controversy. Were they together while Balthazar was still married? Was he really sleeping on friends couches long before he hooked up with Sienna and long before the official disolution of his marriage?

All of this because poor little Serial Miller is upset that she’s being called a home-wrecker. Why does this shock her? Usually when you start sleeping with a married man, that’s what they call ya! I think Sienna Miller is much like the child who was caught stealing from the cookie jar. She’s not sorry that she did it, she’s sorry that she got caught. And now, she’s looked past the end of the bed long enough to realize that all of this may not be so good for her career. And it looks like the big execs on her movie that was about to be released have been worried about the same thing too. From Daily Mail,

“Fearing damage done to her reputation by the relationship, studio bosses at Universal have decided to delay the release of her latest film Hippie Hippie Shake until next spring.

A Hollywood insider revealed: ‘Hippie Hippie Shake has been delayed until next spring at the earliest.

‘The original plan was definitely to release it this year – the date was in all the trade magazines.

‘One of the main reasons for the delay is Sienna’s love life.

‘The studios hope the coverage will have died down by the spring.’

Last month it was revealed that she had split from Welsh actor Rhys Ifans afterpictures emerged of her kissing Mr Getty in Prague in June.

She initially fled to New York when news of their affair broke last month, but the relationship now appears to be very much back on track.”

Miller is also currently suing two papers from the United Kingdom for taking pictures of her with her top off. Another shocker since every single picture of her taken lately is sans shirt. Here’s an idea, Sienna: stop taking your clothes off!

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Great Britain, shame on you! What a horrendous export Sluttyienna is! Please take this worthless piece of garbage back to London where she belongs. Take that worthless mummy too! Do you mind if we send slut daddy with them?

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