Will Oprah Become a Minister?

Ellen DeGeneres announced back in May that her and her betrothed, Portia de Rossi would be officially married this summer after California decided that same-sex marriage should be allowed. We all knew that the wedding would be a grand affair and that only the hottest stars in Hollywood would be in attendance. However, it seems as though one of those guests may be showing up as something else – the minister! Ellen has decided that she wants Oprah Winfrey to officiate her wedding and now all Oprah has to do is accept the invitation. From the Pop Crunch Show,

“When Ellen DeGeneres weds longtime lover Porti de Rossi in California this Fall the Emmy-winning talk show hostess is hoping the Queen of Talk will officiate the ceremony, a new report from Star Magazine claims.

“Oprah is definitely invited to the wedding, but Ellen wants her to play a bigger role,” the tabloid insider squeals. “Ellen wants her to be the minister.”

El and O became buddies in 1997 when the billionairess guest-starred on the landmark “Coming Out” episode of the comeidienne’s ABC sitcom.”

I think this is a fabulous idea. I mean really, hasn’t Oprah already conquered just about every other aspect of this world by continuing to add to her long list of “things I’ve done”? Why shouldn’t she be a minister too? I just really love Oprah and would love to see her do just about anything! I really love Ellen as well and think that this will really add to the wedding and show what this couple is all about – fun and friends!

As a side note, I really love Portia’s hair in this pic and think that she should keep it short.

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#1 Shannon Rooker on 08.11.08 at 4:51 am

I want to be clear about one thing, I love Ellen and I’m not against gay marriage but there shouldn’t even be a priest of any kind at a gay wedding because being gay is considered a sin. It goes totally against christian beliefs. I’m not saying this belief is right or wrong, thats for people to decide for themselves, but if you decide to have a gay wedding religion has no place in your ceremony. A justice of the peace would do just fine.

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