Neil Patrick Harris is In Love

Do I just live in a cave that I only recently found out that Neil Patrick Harris is gay? I found out before I read snippets of his interview in Out Magazine and then that interview confirmed it. I have to say, this is really too bad for me as I find him one of the hottest actors around. Even if the Harold and Kumar movies weren’t as hysterical as they are, they’d be worth watching just for him. And how can you not want to be one of Barney’s many girls on How I Met Your Mother? I also love watching him when he’s being himself too such as when he’s co-hosting with Kelly Ripa on Live with Regis and Kelly or when he’s playing with contestants on Million Dollar Password.

*Sigh* Witty, talented and hot…what more could a girl ask for? But it is nice to hear that he has found someone that he’s deeply in love with and that he has no problem expressing that love. From,

“In the new interview, Harris said he and his longtime boyfriend, fellow actor David Burtka, wear bands around their fingers, despite the fact that they are not married.

“We both wear rings, and I’m giddy when I see all the pictures of people so happy standing there, confirming the love they wish they could have expressed for a long time,” he told Out’s September issue.”

Apparantly, NPH also expressed interest in CNN journalist, Anderson Cooper, and described him as “dreamy.” I couln’t agree more, Neil. I couldn’t agree more.

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#1 Shana Rookley on 08.08.08 at 4:52 am

I totally agree with you that NPH is super hot!!!!! I love him as an actor. He’s hilarious! But his being gay is a sad discovery for women worldwide!

#2 Guru on 08.09.08 at 1:21 am

wow this a amaging post i got info which i want.

#3 David M. Gibson on 04.19.09 at 6:31 am

Neal Patrick Harris is one of our finest actors to date. Not only that, he is extremely handsome and a real catch for anyone . . . of the male persuasion, of course. I do, however, know for a fact that he has a boyfriend. To bad American men everywhere. And as far as Anderson Cooper is concerned . . . well, we all love him, don’t we? Boyfriends notwithstanding.

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