The Latest on Divorces and Divorcees

It seems that the world of hookups and breakups in Hollywood has been busy focusing on the breakup side of things. Just when people are starting to get over the Madonna/Guy Ritchie drama, all kinds of celebrities are coming out of the woodwork announcing separations and divorces. Others who have recently joined the list of famous divorcees are speaking about their recent turn of events. And it’s not all what you would think.

Perhaps the only divorce that may be as ugly as the one between Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen isthe one between and wife, Linda Boella. Hogan himself was surprised in November when she filed for divorce and from there it turned into the makings of a bad accident that you have to watch. Quite literally as well since the family started to fall apart shortly after Nick’s accident. Now Hulk Hogan has gone public saying that he wished he was still with his wife, even though she has been sleeping with a much younger man. This is one messed up family and I lost the little respect I had for Hogan after remarks he made in regards to Nick’s accident.

And one divorcee who has absolutely no desire to be reunited with her ex is . In her latest video she gladly erases all memories of her former marriage by chainsawing through a heart carved onto a tree with the name of her and ex, Carey Hart. It’s subtle as the tree uses her first name but for all her fans it’s there and there’s also the posting she’s put on her blog where she goes into a bit more detail over who, shortly after her divorce, she called her “best friend.”

And three women who have seen their fare share of heartache are the . The recent divorce of singer Emily Robison isn’t the first divorce that the Chicks have seen during their time together of over ten years but it’s just as heartbreaking. I suppose the good news is that there’s bound to be more great Chick material coming out of it!

And just on the heels of his car accident on Sunday night, has also announced that he is in the middle of divorce proceedings. The actor has been separated from his wife since 2007 but are now moving proceedings along. Man, what a past few months it’s been for him! On news of his health, he appears to be doing much better!

is one divorcee who knows that she will be forever tied to her ex, Chris Robinson due to the fact that they share their four-year old son, Ryder. There were reports earlier this week that she was caught kissing him directly after her relationship with Lance Armstrong but nothing has seemed to come from that. As a side note, I think normally she’s stunning but her on the cover of W just looks weird. Sort of superhero/comic-booky. It’s not right though.

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#1 Shana Rookley on 08.09.08 at 6:19 am

The pic of Kate Hudson on the cover of W mag is frightening! I can’t understand why she would let them use that or why the mag would want to.

#2 Kalpurnia on 09.08.08 at 7:02 am

well, first of all…I dont’ see how she couold have an affair with that Wilson guy…I couldn’t have replace a man like C. Robinson! he is such a talented guy! and…it seems to me that she wants to be with a man , no matter who, she just can’t be alone.

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