Miley Cyrus, Put Your Clothes On!!!

Remember back in January when Miley Cyrus’ clothes accidentally fell off in a Vanity Fair photo shoot? And photographer, Annie Leibovitz apologized that her “beautiful” picture was “misinterpreted.” I thought at the time that there was a lot wrong to this story, mainly that a 15-year old was shown on the cover of a magazine with just a sheet barely covering her. People disagreed and thought that those who held the same thought as my own were being uptight and making a fuss out of nothing. By the way, in case you don’t remember, Cyrus’ side of the story was that she had “no idea” that the pictures would turn out like that. Yeah, okay.

So here we are again. Pictures of sweet little Miley Cyrus have resurfaced once again and of course, they’re only of the most interesting variety – the kind where she’s half naked. From Ninja Dude,

“Here’s the latest naughty pictures Miley Cyrus was taking for the world, supposedly hacked from her cellular account by a man named TrainWreq, whose efforts we applaud (assuming these pics are authentic.) They most likely are real, as Fox News even released a blurb about the racy shots, garnering comment from Miley’s publicist claiming they were old.

The “Hannah Montana” sensation is embroiled in yet another photo scandal, with the latest photos showing the 15-year-old pulling up her shirt to reveal her stomach and white underpants. But that’s not all: The latest round of racy pics also features Cyrus showing-off her lil’ bod in an itsy-bitsy bikini. Cyrus’s rep told Tarts that the photos are old.”

I love that the girl’s defense is that the pictures are old. Great, so she was even younger when these were taken! Someone talk some sense into that girl before it’s too late.

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#1 kennzy on 01.08.09 at 4:30 am

miley is little girl nothinge else why would she do that does she want to be like linsay lohan or paris hilton really miley should’nt do that but we love miley

#2 peter piper on 07.22.09 at 12:23 pm

the next britney? i think not,miley is much more classy and attractive to boot.

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