Lisa Marie Presley Announces she’s almost Due

Lisa Marie Presley has confirmed the announcement that was made last week stating that she is in fact, pregnant. It was reported last week in US Magazine but recently the magazine has updated itself to bring to us the confirmation. From US,

“Her mom Priscilla has confirmed it to Entertainment Tonight.

“She wanted it really to be kept a secret for a long time, you know, and I think women should, because they should be able to announce what they’re having and when it’s time to make the announcement,” Priscilla tells ET.

Turns out, Lisa Marie’s dad, Elvis, was a twin, and her mother, Priscilla, has younger brothers who are twins.

A source tells Us the singer, 40, and her husband, rocker Michael Lockwood, 47, will greet their babies in the fall.

A source close to Presley tells Us, “She’s never been so happy!”

Lisa Marie — who wed Lockwood in 2006 — has two children from a previous marriage to Danny Keough.”

Okay so I get that people – even celebrities – need time to bask in the news with just their close friends and family and that there’s also a precarious waiting period in the first three months but I’d love to know how Lisa Marie pulled this off. Not only is it difficult for any celebrity to keep a bump on the down-low but she is due very soon and the announcement is just being made! And she’s got twins in there so it’s not like she’ll be able to hide the double bump for all that long. Bravo, Lisa Marie! Maybe you should give lessons on how not to be a media hog to some other celebrities.

As an interesting side note, I had no idea that Elvis was a twin. Anyone know if his twin is identical? Could explain all those sightings.

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#1 tammy on 08.06.08 at 7:20 am

thats not going to fly since elvis’s twin died at birth, due some research before posting, what you dont know. thats right im an elvis fan

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