Aniston is Serious but only to a Point

Jennifer Aniston, one of my very, very favorite actresses has been splashed all over blogs, tabloids and newspapers lately in regards to her relationship with singer, John Mayer. This is one serious relationship and in turn, it’s getting serious attention. But just how serious is it? Well if you believe the most recent rumors, Jenn is ready to move in, and/or get married and start having babies! I doubted that she was ready to walk down the aisle once again but it was officially confirmed that these reports were in fact false by her reps. From US,

Jennifer Aniston‘s rep is putting the brakes on two reports about the actress this week.

OK! claims Aniston, 39, is planning a low-key wedding with John Mayer this fall. The tabloid also offers up elaborate details: She will wear a Vera Wang dress, there will orchids everywhere and they will serve champagne and caviar. “She’s at an age where she is thinking with her head not just her heart,” OK! quotes a source as saying.

But her rep tells “She is not getting married.”

However, this doesn’t mean that Jennifer may not have a touch of the crazy. There are also reports that she has given John a serious ultimatum. Supposedly, she has said that he can move in with her or move out – of her life. And it doesn’t sound as though Mayer is responding well. Surprising since ultimatums usually work out so well. This from Now Magazine,

Jennifer Aniston accompanied John Mayer on his tour dates in Callifornia last month but her reunion with him in Chicago on 18 July, after a few days apart, wasn’t a joyful one.

After she arrived at 2am at the Peninsula Hotel bar in the Windy City, security got rid of all the other guests so that John, 30, and Jen, 39, could dine alone together and have a serious heart-to-heart chat about their future.

‘It was crunch time,’ a source close to the couple tells Now.

‘Jen’s told him she wants him to move into her £7.5 million Hollywood home once the tour ends [on 31 August], but John’s told her that, while he’s not against it in principle, they have to give it time.'”

I don’t really know if I believe this one or not. Part of me, part of me doesn’t. There’s no doubt that Aniston is one tough chick but that divorce from what’s-his-face really left her wrecked and I’m wondering if her sense of security has been affected more than we thought. I’d like to think that she hasn’t become the sort of woman that needs a man constantly to validate her own life but maybe she’s just not ready to trust yet that things may be okay even when that thought isn’t constantly reinforced. I hope she works it out and I hope the two don’t break up over it in the process.

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