Paris Beams and Benji Follows

Having just watched some bad old reruns of The Simple Life, I began to wonder where on earth dear Paris is and what about those rumors that a little Baby Paris of Baby Benji was on it’s way? Just as though she was thinking my thoughts herself, Paris manages to land herself in the gossip columns once again. Nothing extremely exciting this time except that her and Benji Madden still seem to be as solid as ever. Disembarking a plane in Copenhagen, Denmark, Paris leads with a shirt that proclaims to the world just how she feels about her man.

Maybe I’m feeling generous lately but these two are beginning to grow on me a little. I don’t really have too much against Paris except that she’s an idiot but really, is that reason to hate someone? Benji, as unlikely as the match seems, has been good for her. Instead of landing in the tabloids for DUIs and running puppy mills, she’s flying around the world with her man wearing cutie t-shirts. Oh and if you notice, the shirt is a bit tight-fitting so it seems there’s no baby to make three after all. Phew! I may not hold a grudge against Paris but I don’t think she should be procreating just yet either.

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#1 Shana Rookley on 08.06.08 at 5:18 am

I think that someone being an idiot is an excellent reason to hate them. Paris Hilton is soooo stupid and she should be hated. Stop being so generous!

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