Lindsay Coming off Rage and About tobe Wed

There’s been a big fuss lately about the comments that Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton has recently made regarding getting tougher on anti-paparazzi laws in the state. His statement included the mention of Lindsay Lohan and she retaliated almost immediately. From,

” ‘If you notice,” he said, “since Britney started wearing clothes and behaving; Paris is out of town … and evidently, Lindsay Lohan has gone gay, we don’t seem to have much of an issue.”

Lindsay was not pleased. Yes, she seems inseparable lately from the androgynous-looking Samantha Ronson, but “police chiefs shouldn’t get involved in everyone else’s business when it comes to their personal life. It’s inappropriate.”

Bratton replied that he meant no harm. His sister is gay, he told reporters, and he’s got a good record in defence of gay rights.”

Well, I guess if your sister is gay and you publicly support “the gays” then you have every right to say whatever you like about them. Lohan has always denied the fact that she and Samantha Ronson are dating but you’d have to live under a rock to think that these two are just friends. And the new commitment that these two are about to make further solidifies the knowledge that there’s more here than what’s being said. Yes, the two are set to be married later this year although different sources are simply calling it a “welcoming party.” Whatever it is, it seems to all be set up by Dina Lohan, Lindsay’s mom who has recently made comments reflecting nothing but her love for Samantha. From,

“They’ve been keeping the relationship quiet for months and trying to pass each other off as ‘just good friends’. But they’ve decided it isn’t a fling, it’s for life – so they want to make their romance public,” an insider tells the News Of The World. “Dina is still working on the date of the party but it’s looking like towards the end of the year.”

According to the paper, 22-year-old Lindsay has already bought a white Chanel mini-dress for the ceremony, while Samantha is toying with the idea of wearing a black suit and top hat.”

Yep, sounds like these two are in it for the long haul and I am very happy for them both! I guess there will soon be no point in Lindsay denying that this is anything more than friendship. I don’t know what the point in that is anyway.

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