Paris Beams and Benji Follows

Having just watched some bad old reruns of The Simple Life, I began to wonder where on earth dear Paris is and what about those rumors that a little Baby Paris of Baby Benji was on it’s way? Just as though she was thinking my thoughts herself, Paris manages to land herself in the gossip […]

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

So is the summer blockbuster The Dark Knight cursed? We all began mourning the loss of Heath Ledger after his sudden and tragic death in January and just this past Sunday Ledger’s co-star in the movie, Morgan Freeman, almost lost his life when he was in a terrible car accident. From People, “According to Williams, […]

Lindsay Coming off Rage and About tobe Wed

There’s been a big fuss lately about the comments that Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton has recently made regarding getting tougher on anti-paparazzi laws in the state. His statement included the mention of Lindsay Lohan and she retaliated almost immediately. From, ” ‘If you notice,” he said, “since Britney started wearing clothes and […]

Weird Rebecca Romijn Pregnancy

I can’t decide whether this Rebecca Romijn pregnancy is boring or just plain weird. While most celebrities seem to be pregnant forever, even when their announcement of the pregnancy is unexpected, it seems that the twin babies that the Ugly Betty actress and her husband, Jerry O’Connell are expecting may be here later next week. […]

Jake and Reese will not Marry

Well at least not yet anyway. The Daily Mail sent Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon fans aflutter just a few days ago when they announced that the couple was about to be married later on this year. The source came from a close friend of Jake’s who claimed that Jake had asked the Walk the […]