Ryan and Reese both Move On

Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon have both been very busy since their separation in October 2006. In less than two years, they have both found someone that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Aw, isn’t that nice? Unfortunately, they have both already made those promises to each other and it didn’t seem to work out as their divorce was finalized just this past June. Ryan Phillipe is still with Abbie Cornish, who is thought to be the reason for the couple’s split and it’s now rumored that the two are actually secretly engaged! Not that a secret engagement would surprise me, with the sleazebag life this cheater and homewrecker have already laid out for themselves but I do question this one. From Celebitchy,

Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish are planning to get married, the Enquirer has learned. But there’s already trouble in paradise – she’s furious that he’s delaying the public announcement of their engagement…

Still bothered by the sharp criticism he received when his home-wrecking affair with Abbie was discovered, Ryan is now afraid that the public will judge him harshly for getting married so soon after his divorce, which was finalized on June 12.

“Abbie is fed up with Ryan constantly trying to cover up their relationship,” revealed a pal.

“Two months ago he finally agreed to make a public appearance with her, but she had to fight just to do that.”

Abbie, 25, has moved into the $7 million, 8,300 square foot Hollywood Hills house that 33 year-old Ryan bought in June, sources say. And she spends time with Ryan and Reese’s kids – Ava, 8, and Deacon, 4.

Aw, too bad for the homewrecker that Ryan doesn’t want to smear it in his ex’s wife face. I’ll bet it softens the blow to be living in that sweet mansion of his. On the other side of the story is that Reese Witherspoon, one of my all-time Hollywood favorites, is also about to marry her boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, who she has been dating since last summer. This one I believe to be true as the word seems to have come straight from Jake’s mouth. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

Reese Witherspoon is to marry Jake Gyllenhaal at Christmas. Jake told friends he and Reese plan to wed on or around his birthday on December 19 after he finishes his new film, Prince of Persia. A source on the set of the $200 million epic adventure, currently filming in Morroco, said: “Jake is telling everyone they are getting married at Christmas. ‘He told me he had proposed several times but she kept telling him she wanted to give their relationship more time. When he asked her again a couple of weeks ago, she finally said yes.”

I’m glad that Reese opted to wait it out a little until she said yes but I don’t think she gave it quite enough time. Her and Ryan’s divorce was only finalized this past June! I think both of them need to just take some time and decide what will really be best for them. At least Reese took a little time to herself before she even began dating unlike that cheater.

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