Katie’s Got Some Moves of her Own

Just when everyone, myself included, had pegged Katie Holmes as backbone-less and someone who had been brainwashed by her husband, Tom Cruise, it seems that she may actually not be afraid to step up to the plate when it’s needed, after all. Or at least on some issues. While people were talking about Tom’s scientology obsession and whetheror not Katie was pregnant, what we didn’t realize was that it was a full house over there. Tom’s mom, sister, and his sister’s kids have been living with him for quite some time. Katie musn’t have been too happy with that – and who would be? – because she has finally called the whole living situation off. We’ve all seen the pictures of their fabulous new house in The Hills but perhaps the best part of it all, for Katie at least, is that they will be living there alone with adorable Suri, Connor, and Isabella. From Celebitchy,

“When Katie and Tom recently moved into a $35 million home in Beverly Hills, Katie put her foot down and insisted that everyone — other than Suri and Tom’s two children with Nicole Kidman, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13 — find another place to live. “It’s about time for Tom and Katie to live alone,” another pal adds. “They never have before.”

The adjustment may be difficult for Tom, 46. His mother, Mary Lee South, and three sisters have been a constant presence in his life since he divorced Nicole in 2001. All are Scientologists, and Mary Lee and sister Cass have lived with him at different points. “He’s very close with his sisters and his mother and he always welcomes his family into his house,” an insider says …“Cass and her sons have been an integral part of Tom’s life, and Cass helps take care of Tom’s children when he is away,” adds the insider.

But when Katie finally said enough is enough, “Tom agreed things needed to be different,” the family friend says. “He assured her that they would not be moving in with them.” Instead, Mary Lee and Cass will remain at a duplex apartment at the Scientology Centre on important Hollywood Boulevard, where the entire Cruise clan stayed while their new house was being renovated.”

Of course they’re staying at the Scientology Centre! I have a question, what’s wrong with getting a house of your own? Especially when your son or brother is freakin Tom Cruise! Nothing this family does surprises me. I had actually started to change my thinking about the Cruise clan when Tom appeared on Oprah and sent forth the picture of a regular guy living in his Colorado home. Something kept nagging me at the back of my mind telling me it was all PR and now I know it to be true. I’m just bothered by the fact that he never made mention of the fact that his extended family was living there with him. He pointed out Suri’s “office” and even made note of Katie’s cupcakes but nothing about his family. Not only is he keeping the truth from everyone but how does his family feel with not even a mention? Nice.

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