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Britney Spears is certainly no stranger to being in the spotlight but she seems to have gotten at least a month’s worth of news injust this past week. From rumors of a new boyfriend to her current conservatorship’s status to making her musical comeback, it all seems to be good news and it’s good to see that she’s on the mend.

In perhaps the most interesting news for those of us that are always searching for the latest hookup and breakup is the rumor that Brit had found herself a new man – her former security guard turned her newest staff photographer. The rumors were sparked when the two were seen dancing in Cabo. The rumors were quickly dispelled. From E! Online,

“The two were spotted dancing and clowning around in Cabo this week, but it’s purely platonic, according to the guy’s brother.

“It’s strictly work,” Kobi Adato tells E! News of his brother, Tsour Lee Adato, a former Israeli army soldier.

“He was her bodyguard, but now he’s her photographer.”

Kobi would not reveal why his brother is now serving as Spears‘ designated photographer.

Even so, Tsour might make a good match for Britney. According to his MySpace, he is currently single, 31, 5’8″ with an athletic build, a Taurus, Jewish and is a college graduate.

He also says on the page: “like to make people Laugh & enjoy when i see them Happy…I always tell people that even when things are difficult they should always see the light and positive in life.”

Tsour also lists his occupation as a music engineer.”

I do think the two might make a very cute couple – going on the very little that I know of the two personally – but I think it’s in Britney’s best interest to keep to herself for now and figure out where her life is headed and continuing on with the new, positive path that she has decided to follow. Men can always come later, right now, Britney just needs to be Britney. I’m sure her conservator, Jamie Spears, would also agree with that and that takes us to the other news that Britney has been making. It was reported on Friday that Jamie Spears will hold all of the control over his daughter’s affairs until at least the end of the year – a decision which I’m quite sure drives Britney nuts! From Digital Spy,

“Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Jamie Spears and Britney’s lawyer Samuel Ingham to keep responsibility of her financial and personal affairs until the end of the year.

“It is my understanding that Ms. Spears is reluctantly agreeing that we extend the temporary letters [of conservatorship],” said Goetz in the ruling.

Additionally, a restraining order against Spears’s former manager Sam Lutfi has been lifted. However, Ingham said that the popstar has no desire to see him.

“Britney has made clear to everyone that she does not want to be further harassed or contacted in any way by Osama ‘Sam’ Lutfi,” his statement said.”

I’m not quite sure what that whole Sam Lutfi situation was about. He was her best friend, and then stealing from her, and she wanted to be his friend but her dad didn’t, I’m really not quite sure. It does seem though like another good thing that he won’t be hanging around Britney too much, whatever the story is there.

And the last bit of Brit is that she has been nominated for the VMA Award for the “Best Pop Video Category.” This is wonderful news and hopefully, Britney will be making the same kind of strides in her career that she has made in her personal life. There’s also talk that she is scheduled to appear on another episode of How I Met Your Mother. She is awesome on that show and I think that they should just make her a regular! As a side note, Britney is getting back in line when it comes to getting her former body back as well. She looks great in the photos that were released of her time in Cabo!

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