Celebrities Finding Love

What would celebrities be without their constant quest for love? Okay, and money and fame, and just about everything else but it is true that Tinseltown is like one big soap opera. And in good soap fashion, this week there are lots of couples that have been busy making a love connection!

It seems that lmay have found a special someone. His name is Vladislav Doronin and he’s a billionaire. Recently she has been quoted as saying that she wants babies and she doesn’t need a baby daddy to do it. Hmm…perhaps she’s found someone after all. Here’s hoping that he’s also on the baby train. Or into creating huge public scenes by hitting innocent bystanders. I mean, you have to have something in common

has also been rumored to have started something with Spike Jonze. I’m very happy for her and I hope it works out but Jonze doesn’t have the best track record. He once dated Drew Barrymore, another one of Drew’s relationships that ended in heartache and he was also married at one time to Sofia Coppola.

And who doesn’t love with Rachel McAdams? These two were very hot and heavy during the filming of The Notebook, in which they both starred. At the time, things progressed quickly and there was talk of a wedding even when things turned suddenly sour and the two split up. Now it seems they may be back together as Rachel was at the Green Room Lounge on Tuesday. Ryan was deejaying and Rachel was there to support him.

Competing for the title of “Most Pathetic Reunion EVER!” is and JT Torregiani. Not only did these two break up in April and practically no one noticed but they are now getting back together. That’s not thepathetic part. Apparently, Paula baby is perfectly content to just sit around and wait until men have time for her. That seems to be the case here as the reason for their breakup was that JT didn’t have time for any love interests as he opened up his new business venture, Beso. Now that that is said and done, he wants to date Paula again and she has accepted. PUH-THA-TIC!!!

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