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Duchovny Speaks about Addiction

It must be catch-up weekend because everyone seems to be giving updates on the stories of the past week, which we always love and fully appreciate! David Duchovny was of course, checked into an addiction facility voluntarily just a few days ago and there was really nothing else said about it except for his plea […]

Michael Phelps is a Popular Boy

Just a few days ago itwas reported that fourteen-time Olympic medal winner, Michael Phelps, was planning a “quiet, first date” with country singer Carrie Underwood. Well it seems that Michael impressed more than just the judges this past year as Carrie is not the only one that’s interested. It seems that Lindsay, who has been […]

I Knew I Always Liked Her!

I have always been a big Queen Latifah fan but now she has tripled in star status in my eyes. What I didn’t know about the actress and singer was that she was gay and while at first I felt pretty stupid about this since she’s been with her girlfriend since like, forever, I felt […]

Maddox has Blue Hair

Okay so yes, it appears that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have decided to dye little Maddox’s hair blue. While I’m sure it’s just for the day and I don’t think that anyone needs to be outraged about this, it’s a slow news day and I took the opportunity to show everyone just how ridiculous […]

Michael Lohan Won’t Shut Up!

Just as everyone predicted, Michael Lohan has come back to themedia after his daughter Lindsay accused him of being out of control and a media hog. This is especially interesting to me because from the reports that I read, it was Samantha Ronson that talked the most trash about Mr. Lohan and while Lindsay posted […]

Carrie and Michael Getting Along Swimmingly

Ever since her breakup with Tony Romo, people have been talking about who Carrie Underwood’s potential replacements may or may not be and we have all been ear-marking the stars that we would most love to see her with. Well it seems that Ms. Underwood was paying very special attention this year to the 2008 […]

David Duchovny is a Sex Addict

I don’t know if this is funny or sad but David Duchovny has recently checked himself into a sex rehabilitation center. This is what the Chicago Tribune reported about it, “Tea Leoni’s husband, actor David Duchovny, has entered rehab for his sex addiction. Duchovny, 48, said he did it voluntarily, in a statement released Thursday […]

Don’t Mess with Lindsay and Sam!

Michael Lohan should know better by now to not run to the media with gripes about his daughter – especially when it involves her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson.These two are an extremely strong force when together and Lindsay’s dad – of all people! – should realize that they will not simply lie down and let you […]

Nicollette Sheridan and Michael Bolton: Splitsville!

There is really nothing to say about this story except that it’s true that Michael Bolton and Nicollette Sheridan have split up. These two were very serious about each other and had been dating for a total of eight years, on and off again, with the last two years overseeing their engagement that was announced […]

Finally Some JT and Jessica Rumors!

Okay so just when I started to accuse them of being boring, it seems that Jessica Biel may be pregnant with Justin’s kid! This actually probably isn’t true as they have been spotted out quite a bit lately and she usually looks as thin as ever but according to Celebitchy, TMZ just got some video […]

Just Because…

I just love seeing celebrities act like regular people insteadof posing for cameras or showing what great humanitarians they are. That’s why when things happen, such as a child running away from their mother while said mother chases after them forgetting all self-respect and dignity, I can truly appreciate it. And here is Matilda doing […]

More of Lilo’s Messed Up Family

Well, while Lindsay Lohan’s mom, Dina Lohan has seemed to be trying to make peace with her daughter by making gestures such as welcoming Lindsay’s girlfriend, Samantha Ronson into the family publicly, Lindsay’s father is taking another tactic when publicly speaking about his daughter’s relationship. The Evil Beet quotes him as saying, “I’m not happy,” […]

What’s Going on with Sienna Miller? fruit basket deliveries

Okay so Sienna Miller has been in the flower basket toronto and the papers a lot lately due to the flowercompany and the fact that she’s the flowers and chocolate delivery toronto and the reason behind Balthazar Getty’s divorce and that the candy baskets toronto and the two of flower basket and of them have […]

Just when you Thought no one Cared

So last week it was announced that Ricky Martin not only had twins but that they had been born for several weeks when word was finally released and that he used a surrogate mother to have them. In the statement, it said that he was putting his music career on hold to stay at home […]

Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson Parents-to-Be!

So when I first heard the news that Jenna Jameson and her boyfriend, Tito Ortiz were expecting a baby, I have to admita hundred bad jokes came to mind. You know, the biggest porn star ever and an Ultimate Fighter, there’s just too much there. But these two might truly be the perfect example of […]

Jen’s Baby Bump

So just because it’s been an hour or two since we checked in on Jennifer Garner and her baby bump,I thought I’d post this pic of Jen heading out to catch a bite to eat with Victor Garber. Garber played the role of her father on the hit show Alias and was also the official […]

Brad and Angelina Taking More Money

So I guess that because Brad and Angelina live in France now and because they have a bizillion dollars, they are eligible for child benefits from the country of France. And it’s no small amount either. On account of them having so many children, they are likely to receive somewhere around $2600/month. Well that’s good. […]

Jennifer Hewitt’s Missed Love

Everything has seemed all fine and dandy in the world of Jennifer Love Hewitt as she has shot her ProActive commercials and planned her wedding to fiance Ross McCall. However, it seems that the wedding date has been pushed back a bit due to some problems that the betrothed couple are having. They haven’t even […]

Driving Denise Crazy

Charlie Sheen has announced that he and his wife, Brooke Mueller are expecting and although the news isn’t really about Denise Richards, you know damn well that she will do her utmost to make sure that it is! She’s just so extremely childlish that I’m sure she’ll use this new streak of jealousy to call […]

First Pics of Sunday Rose

At six weeks old, Nicole Kidman could not hide her daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, from the paparazzi any longer. About to load onto a plane, Nicole walks holding Sunday lovingly to her chest. From Frame Pictures, “Nicole Kidman carries baby, Sunday Rose, in her arms and looks down at her lovingly as she boards […]