The Weight Update

It seems that the latest trend to follow first celebrity baby pictures is keeping close tabs on the new mommies and how they are handling their baby weight. Some lose it so fast, you wonder if they were really ever pregnant and others seem to be struggling months after they’ve had their little ones. And although months may seem like a more than reasonable length of time to give regular joe parents time to get back into their formerly svelt figures, for a celebrity, it is something to be questioned and gawked at. In my opinion, all of these women are looking as beautiful and stunning as ever!

gave birth to her son Max in January and she still seems to be carrying a bit of weight. This is probably because she plans to breastfeed her new boy until he’s the ripe old age of eleven or so. It’s no secret that Christina loves the side effect of big boobs that comes from birthing a child and this could also be the reason for her full post-baby body. Whatever her reasoning, it’s nice to see that not all stars are so obsessed with maintaining a size zero figure all the time.

gave birth to her daughter, Nahla, back in March and it seems that ever since she’s left the hospital, Berry has been working hard to restore her physical shape into its former self. Every picture that we see of her seems to show her becoming even thinner. This may be because there have been recent reports that she’s hoping that her “New Mom” status will help her career. Wow, I didn’t even realize that Berry’s career needed help. What does that say for the lesser-knowns of Hollywood?

actually has a “normal” post baby body. There’s still some pudge and fullness but she wears it extremely well. And after all, little baby Honor was only born just last month. This too is encouraging to us normal women out there that can’t seem to shed that baby weight quite so quickly. Let’s remember as well that she did give birth not even two months ago. Although there are pictures where she looks slimmer, this seems to be Jessica at her most natural – no makeup, no fancy dresses. Just Jessica.

And gives us all another reason to hate her. I actually love Nicole and think she’s one of the classiest women in Tinseltown however, the way she dropped that baby weight makes me sick. She and Keith Urban welcomed their baby girl, Sunday at the beginning of the month and Nicole looks like she never even had a baby – or a cheeseburger! She looks fabulous and I love how she seems to be keepin it casual and just hanging out in her grubs, just as normal people do!

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