The After Shocks of Kimmel and Silverman Split

In very surprising news early last week, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he and his long-term girlfried of five years, Sarah Silverman, had a mutual breakup and have decided that it would be better to find their own paths. It was not only surprising but a little bit sad because these two just seemed so perfect for each other! They were both jokesters and seemed to focus on enjoying each other and having fun, which I would think is what relationships aresupposed to be all about.

Now it seems that Jimmy is quite a bit more upset about it than he actually seemed when he made the announcement. Maybe the realization has just hit him. From US,

Howard Stern says he is heartbroken his pals Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman have called it quits.

The shock jock revealed on his radio show that he was supposed to vacation with the two this week, but they never showed.

Jimmy e-mailed me and said they were going through some tough times,” Stern said. “I was so upset I had to go take a walk.”

Kimmel told Stern the split was “mutual,” adding that he felt like he had “lost his best friend.”

So maybe Howard Stern is really the most upset about all of this. Maybe Jimmy is having second thoughts about the breakup. It is really hard to lose not only your significant other but you’re best friend all in one shot. I feel badly for them both and hope that they will somehow manage to make sense of whatever’s going on and maybe, just maybe, get back together. Hard to say since their reps aren’t commenting and no one knows what happens behind closed doors.

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#1 Sara on 07.21.08 at 8:23 am

Between me and Howard, I think he wins in being more sad. But as I wrote on my blog ( if they can’t do it.. how can any of us get into a healthy happy relationshiP!!

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