Aw! Matt and Camila are Engaged!!

Shortly after his son’s birth, and by shortly I mean an hour or two, Matt McConaughey proposed to his girlfriend Camila Alves! Apparantly Matt was very emotional as he held his new bundle of joy and realized, as most new parents do I think, that all that matters in the world is right in the same room as you. From The National Enquirer,

“Hollywood playboy Matthew McConaughey has been tamed at last! And all it took was a tiny 7 pound, 4 ounce baby boy to finally persuade the “Fool’s gold” star to say goodbye to his bachelor days. Matthew popped the question to Brazilian stunner Camila Alves, 25, just hours after she gave birth to their son, Levi, on July 7, The Enquirer has learned. And she said yes!

“Camila was absolutely overjoyed – a baby and a marriage proposal on the same day,” revealed an insider. “It was magic.” The source said once Matthew held little Levi, he knew that marriage was the next step. Matt’s privately been diamond shopping, and he wants Camila to design her own engagement ring, the insider added. They aren’t announcing their marriage plans yet – and just like they sold the first photos of their baby, it’s possible they’ll try to cash in on the wedding.”

I’m not too sure that the cash comment at the end was absolultey necessary. All celebrities, excluding Nicole Kidman, of course, are selling their first baby pictures these days and quite often, the money is then given away to charity. And I really don’t think that Matt is the type to have his wedding ceremony performed on television anyway. I predict that this will be a very private affair and that their new son, Levi, will play in a big part of it!

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#1 Queen Senath CarMel Anderson on 10.07.11 at 7:38 am

Matthew McConaughey is not engaged to Camila Alves, she is too young for him and sleeps with women for money and has mental illness. Her father had schizophrenia and so does Camila. Matthew does not love Camila. Matthew loves Queen Senath CarMel Anderson, Monarch of Switzerland and Germany and France. They fell in love 9 or 10 years ago in Rhode Island while he was filming Amnistad. The love has continued on after all these years. And the Queen wants Camila to go away and leave her Prince Charming alone!!!! Shew fly Camila, stop being a pest. Matthew gets sick and tired Camila following him around.

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